New Parking Dues & Senior Parking Lot Painting

A Message From Mr. Dickerson: 

As we approach the new school year, there are several new policies that will affect parking:

Next year every student who drives (10th, 11th, 12th) will pay a parking fee of $25.00 for the privilege of parking on school grounds. This will be paid before the 1st day of school.

All students who drive and park on property will pay for parking, pick their spot and SENIORS have the option to paint it as they choose (with approval). Everyone will have a tag that needs to be displayed to prove parking has been paid for.  No student will park on Bentley property without paying for parking.


A new senharryior tradition will begin this August with our Senior Parking Lot Painting Party! For $25 you will receive your parking permit and a reserved parking spot for during the school hours this year that you can PERSONALIZE! On the painting day, we will have music and a cookout as you create an incredible space that will officially be YOUR spot for the year! Please print and complete the application and be the first in line to pick your spot!

Spots will be judged by board members, administration and community members and prizes will given out to the top 3 most voted on parking spaces!

Click here to view the rules and procedures for the painting of the parking spaces! 

In addition to new parking opportunities, seniors will also be able to now pay their required fees in a “package” deal. Payments for one of three “packages” can be made in installments.


  • $75: Basic Package: cap and gown, diploma cover, yearbook *you save $34 total cost for all*
  • $150: Mid-Level: parking  (Seniors can pick and paint your own spot), yearbook, cap and gown, diploma cover, UA/Nike senior outfit * you save $44 total cost for all*
  • $225: The whole enchilada: prom, parking  (Seniors can pick and paint your own spot), UA/Nike senior outfit, yearbook, homecoming/Snowcoming, caps and gowns, grad picture, diploma cover * you save $59 off total cost for all*

CLICK HERE for details about the senior dues payment information. 

If you have any questions, you may contact the high school office at 810.591.5811 (offices open on 8/14).

Below are a few examples of acceptable painted parking spots:

katiestar wars








We look forward to an exciting new school year. See you soon!

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