Kiwanis Grant Awarded to Kindergarten for STEM Supplies

Thanks to the Burton Kiwanis School Grant, our kindergarten students now have access to a variety of tools to help them learn about technology. To engage students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) projects, several new materials were purchased to provide an age-appropriate learning experience.


These projects will help students learn how to work independently as well as cooperatively in groups. Additionally, students will gain a comfort level with the tools and activities, as well as a determination to complete tasks and use appropriate vocabulary that reflects their learning.

Thanks to the Kiwanis grant, our kindergarten will interact with a variety of STEM tools:

  • Loowan Electric Assembly Building Blocks Kit
  • Kids First Intro to Engineering Kit
  • Osmo Wonder Kit
  • Playmags
  • Zoometool Construction Kit
  • Wiki Stix
  • Snap Circuits

Check out photos of the students learning STEM in our Google Photo album.

Here are some of the phrases heard round the room as students discovered the new materials:

  • “I am an engineer!”
  • “I’m working hard at thinking”
  • “We made pyramids inside pyramids on top of cubes!”
  • “Carter is 9 cubes tall”
  • “We used spheres to connect 11 cubes to make it realllllly tall!”



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