Student Early Dismissal: A Message from Mr. Dickenson

Bentley Community Parents:

I just wanted to take sometime and clear up any confusion on board policy in regards to checking out students.

Our board policy states:


It is necessary that a student be in attendance throughout the school day in order to benefit fully from the educational program of the District.

The Board of Education recognizes, however, that from time-to-time compelling circumstances require that a student be late to school or dismissed before the end of the school day.

As agent responsible for the education of the children of this District, the Board shall require that the school be notified in advance of such absences by written or personal request of the student’s parent, which shall state the reason for the tardiness or early dismissal. Justifiable reasons shall be determined by the principal.

If one parent has been awarded custody of the student by the courts, the parent of custody shall provide the school with a copy of the custody order and inform the school in writing of any limitations in the rights of the noncustodial parent. Absent such notice, the school will presume that the student may be released into the care of either parent.

No student who has a medical disability which may be incapacitating may be released without a person to accompany him/her.

No student shall be released to anyone who is not authorized such custody by the parents.

With that being said we need to follow the following rules for student sign-out:

  1. A form of identification will be requested when signing out students.
  1. Students will only be released to persons listed on the emergency card. Adding someone additional has to be done in person and we will not add a person over the phone. If the person is not listed on the emergency card we will not release the student.
  1. If you plan on checking your student out and cannot make it in on that day, a written note ahead of time is required. If it is for a medical appointment, etc. a  doctor’s note/appointment card shall accompany the parent permission for the early dismissal request. This request has to be in writing prior to the event, and we will not accept verbal permission on the day of.
  1. We have a closed campus and cannot allow parents to call and sign out students verbally for lunch. This has become a major safety issue and our main goal is to keep our students safe.
  1. Even if students are 18, they still have to have written parent permission to leave the building early. If it is for an appointment, a note has to accompany the request and we will not allow calls the day of or standing notes for students to leave for lunch and to return.

I understand some of these rules may be different than what has been allowed in the past, but our main goal at Bentley is to ensure all our students are safe. These rules will go a long way in helping us keep them safe at all times.

Thank you for your understanding!

Mr. Dickerson


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