Volunteers Honored at Board Meeting

Several volunteers were honored at Tuesday night’s board meeting held at Barhitte Elementary School. Mr. Arrington was able to recognize the following individuals for their commitment to Bentley Community Schools:

David Fletcher: Mr. Fletcher is an employee of ZF-TRW. The company generously donated lockers to Bentley.

Bryan Danks: Mr. Danks is also an employee of ZF-TRW and a Bentley parent. He was instrumental in transporting the lockers from his company to Bentley schools.

Ty Burt: Mr. Burt, board member and Bentley supporter, helped purchase the new tunnel used during football season this year.

Renee Gatica: Mrs. Gatica is also a board member and member of the athletic boosters. She also helped organize the purchase of the new tunnel.

Tim McComb: Also a board member, Mr. McComb graciously donated his time to help organize the athletic department during the summer.

Bentley Community Schools recognizes the importance of volunteers that are instrumental to creating a great learning environment.

Board meetings are held the second Monday of every month, typically at the Administration Building.



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