Count Day: Why is it so important?

Tomorrow, October 5th, is Count Day for Michigan schools. But what does that mean?


There are two count days a year: one in October and one in February. Each school gets a certain dollar amount of state funding per student IF the student is counted on these days. 90% of funding comes from the count in October and the other 10% is given based on the number of students in the district in February. This year’s February Count Day is on the 8th.

What does this mean for students? They need to be in attendance tomorrow. Unless they are sick, they are expected to be at school. If a student isn’t healthy enough to be here, parents need to verify the absence with the school office as soon as possible. Verified absences can be counted if the student is back to school in a few days, though it creates additional paperwork for the district.

There will be some incentives for students who come to school tomorrow. The middle school will be giving away hoodies donated by the athletic boosters as well as Subway gift cards. At the high school, students are encouraged to participate in “Crazy Outfit Day” and wear a hat. One winner from each grade (and a teacher!) will be awarded a free pizza lunch.

Even though it’s a Wednesday, there will be no late start. Students will need to report at the normal school start times. Classes will run as normal.



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