Staff Spotlight: Joda Dailey

This school year brings many new staff to Bentley Community Schools. Some are new to the district; others have moved to new positions. We’d like to spotlight our new staff in a series of blog posts this month.

Our first spotlight belongs to Ms. Joda Dailey, our new high school guidance counselor. Aside from being an artist, a fan of the Red Wings, Lions, and Wolverines, and an avid reader, Ms. Dailey has this wish for her students: “That they can be true to themselves and become the person that they really want to be . . . that they experience peace and balance in their lives and enjoy life’s journey.”

Not only can she be seen in her office juggling schedules, but she’s also a big fan of dress up days and rocked her Wicked Witch of the West costume during Homecoming.

Take a minute to learn about our amazing new counselor, Ms. Dailey!staff-spotlight

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